Empress Naturals

     Empress Naturals is a Black, West Indian & female-owned company, providing affordable access to natural skin care with key ingredients from Caribbean culture. We are focused on building community through ancestral stories and networking. There are four main pillars which drive Empress Naturals:

ACCESS: Empress Naturals brings wellness to your door through curated products at affordable prices. We create and sell products for busy like-minded millenial women (Empresses) and men (Emperors) who cherish their bodies and want to nourish and flourish in self-care.

REPRESENTATION: We are Black. We are Caribbean. We are plant-powered millennials. Everything is 100% in-house product tested. We are our own proof. Although we are sisters with shared DNA, no skin is the same, especially for men and women of Caribbean descent. We are descendants of many different cultures, therefore we have different skin needs, and we are here to teach and empower- so come learn!

NATURAL/HOLISTIC CARE: Everything we make, produce, and sell is vegetarian-friendly, Non-HMO, and from Mother Earth. We are powered by plants and herbs we grew up on in the Caribbean.  We know, acknowledge, and celebrate the power of the all natural solution. 

COMMUNITY: The older we get, the more we realize that despite being made up of different islands, we are ONE TRIBE. We want the world to see and understand the beauty in our region. Our social media platforms are all about building awareness and connecting the Caribbean Diaspora and beyond. Come hangout with us and learn how to  build your best self with us.