Disclaimer: Detergent vs. Soap

     Did you know most bar soaps are not soaps at all? Check your bathroom- you’ll most likely see it labeled as “detergent” “moisturizing” or “beauty bar”. Natural soap is made from a chemical process called saponification of sodium or potassium hydroxide and oils. As part of our mission, we ONLY make natural and sustainably sourced products, and we are here to help you undo all the damage from using these harsh chemicals.

Disclaimer: Fragrance Oil vs. Essential Oil

Essential oils are steam-distilled pure extracts from plants while fragrance oils are synthetic chemical scent compounds. In the cosmetic world, you may find more products with fragrance oils due to its lower cost and stronger scent. However, we want to drive the fact that natural is best- you and your skin deserve it. Empress Naturals only uses pure essential oils in our products. So in the spirit of transparency, please keep this in mind and embrace the natural delicate scents in our products!