The Founders

You and me us never part
You and me, Us have one heart
Ain't no ocean, ain't no sea
Keep my sistah way from me
- “The Separation” from The Color Purple

     This chant has been a common theme that my sister and I have sung for as long as I can remember. At various points in our lives, we were separated by schools, by home, and currently by location. Being eight years apart in age, you’d think that we would be in separate worlds. However, we are one of each other’s closest friends. Not a day goes by without some form of communication, whether it be a voice note, Marquita begging for photos, or Takara sending affirmations and life coach lessons.

     We are blood, we are friends, and at the end of the day, we’ve got each other’s back. Now, we share our sisterhood bond, love of creativity and embracing of West Indian culture through wellness and self-care: Empress Naturals. Despite living in Barbados and Texas...
Ain’t no ocean, ain’t no sea. 
Keep #SoapSisterSundays ‘way from we!

Marquita Gill, Creative Lead & Founder

    Born and raised on the island of Barbados, Marquita enjoys art, foreign languages, travel, education and equity. In typical melanated teacher fashion, Marquita is most passionate about #ACCESS in Empress Naturals’ mission. This Empress primarily deals with the creative branch of our company.

     Marquita is a firm believer of #SelfCareSundays (and Saturdays!), the #CAMLife, and #BlackLivesMatter. If she’s at home, you’ll probably find Marquita in the lab experimenting with products or tending to her balcony garden, which are other forms of therapy for her. This Empress is extremely hype to help you build your royalty through self care!

     “Empress so divine, ever looking fine.” ― Warrior King

Takara Browne, Creative Consultant & Wellness Counselor


     Born in New York, but raised in Barbados, Takara Browne is a master and genius of many crafts. In Barbados, she runs Ras Pastries with her husband, and owns two other companies: Precious Arrangements for all your floral needs, and Takara Events for all your event planning. This Empress plays a huge role in the creative process for product creations. Did we mention that she’s a mother of four? And that she’s also a life coach?

     Talk about EMPRESS ENERGY! Takara is trained in Soap Making and Wellness. She is a firm believer in #MeTime, #TheItalLife and #SelfLove. If she’s home, you’ll probably find Takara in the kitchen, doing personal reflections or outside with the kids working on her backyard garden. This Empress is excited to share her craft and guide you along the West Indian wellness journey.

     “The Empress surrounds you at all times. She feeds the soul with her brilliance and beauty of the night sky....The Empress fills you with the entirety of the world's beauty if you let her in.” ― Sasha Graham